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The Gorgeous Hussies

Alternative Jam

In a music-scene full of angst and over-production, The Gorgeous Hussies' atypical take on alternative jam rock is refreshing and infectious as they weave off-the-wall riffs, catchy melodies and danceable beats. The trio speaks to their audience the best way they know how: solid, melodically focused rock tunes, inspired arrangements, down-to-earth lyrics and clever live improvisation through a unique live performance.

The Gorgeous Hussies have been met with much fanfare from press outlets throughout the different regions they’ve toured. Newspapers, radio, and television stations have all been both gracious and enthusiastic in promoting and showcasing this grassroots band and have spread the word to their audience about The Gorgeous Hussies’ upbeat and rock-driven live show.

In 2006 the group released their debut album "Oh! Hello" which features 6 studio tracks and served as a welcome announcement to the music scene that TGH had arrived. Since then this Salt Lake City based rock outfit has been tirelessly touring and entertaining audiences at venues throughout the western United States and don’t show any signs of slowing down.

The band has now released their sophomore effort "Sweet Surrealistic Queen" mixed by Matt Winegar (Primus, The Breeders). The new CD is by far the groups most accessible and melodic album to date and the band is eager to present these new pop-rock songs to a larger mainstream audience.

Although The Gorgeous Hussies name is quickly spreading among the US western region’s touring scene, this is definitely not a freshman project for the band’s members. Olsen and Smith have traditional rock backgrounds. Olsen has been playing in rock bands since he was a teenager. Smith was previously a member of the ska, rock and reggae band Super Hero. Chatelain studied jazz performance at the University of Northern Colorado.

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