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Pop Chanteuse

The Gorgeous Hussies

In a music-scene full of angst and over-production, The Gorgeous Hussies' atypical take on alternative jam rock is refreshing and infectious as they weave off-the-wall riffs, catchy melodies and danceable beats. The trio speaks to their audience the best way they know how: solid, melodically focused rock tunes, inspired arrangements, down-to-earth lyrics and clever live improvisation through a unique live performance.

Produced by The Gorgeous Hussies
Mixed by SAE Matt Winegar
Engineered by Ryan Smith
Released in July of 2009
Release Number - 8675-337
UPC - 825576028629

Jordan Olsen, vocals, guitar
John Chatelain, vocals, bass
Ryan Smith, drums

1 Pop Chanteuse
2 Wannabe
3 Sunrise Summertime
4 Jamheim Steamroller