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Period Six

Power Pop Punk

It's impossible to make great rock and roll without getting a little messy. It's a little like cooking a great meal. Pots and pans are going to get dirty, fingers are going to get bloody, and eventually someone is going to call the fire department. Simply substitute drums for pots and pans and you've got a Period 6 show. Chaotic and joyful, it loud, smart, and only needs a suitable alcohol libation to complete the perfect evening.

Emerging out of the Chicago suburbs, Period 6 is a family. Lead vocalist Russell McKamey met Bassist James Macapagal grade school at Mt. Carmel Academy and became fast friends, though it took ten more years to find drummer TJ Pantle and guitarist Nick Neri the band has the feeling of friendships formed over long winters and too many trips to detention. While now all in college pursuing other creative endeavors the band continues to remain active and often collaborate virally and travel frequently for various performance opportunitites.

There new release “This Times Different” on Slothrop Records is a strong example of their unique blend of pop sensibilities, punk esthetic's, and general angst mixed with intelligence. Beginning with the pure energy of “All Hands Inside” and concluding with the aptly titled “Success is the Best Revenge”. This Times Different is a wake up call to the midwest music scene.

We're excited to have a band of Period Six's caliber on our little label, but doubt very seriously if they will remain as secret for much longer!

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