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I Won't Be Me

Chris DeMay

Seven years after beginning West of Rome with his Midwestern collaborators, Chris DeMay, is now on his own. DeMay releases his first solo record I Won't Be Me in May 2007.

The landscape of songwriters like Neil Young, Steve Earle, Bruce Springsteen and Patti Smith come to mind when listening to DeMay’s I Won’t Be Me. However, ironically and intentionally, and despite the album’s title, the majority of I Won’t Be Me is DeMay. Chris sings and plays most of the instruments on seven of the eight songs – guitar, bass, drums, Wurlitzer and piano.

Produced by Chris DeMay
Recorded at Coney Island Studios & The Tannery
Mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions, Milwaukee
Engineered by Wendy Schneider & Brian Douglas
Released in April of 2007
Release Number - 8675-321
UPC - 606041259621

Wendy Schneider, vocals on "Bruno Kirby" and "Love and Mercy," lap steel guitar and toy piano
on "Something Desperate"
Jack Rice, bass on "Imaginary Lines," vocals and bass on "Kitchen Table Blues"
Don Moore, lead and slide guitars on "Kitchen Table Blues"
Nick Verban, drums on "Kitchen Table Blues"
Magma, drums on "Imaginary Lines"
Dave Cusma, horns on "WorkingClass Woman"
Chris DeMay, everything else

1 Bruno Kirby
2 WorkingClass Woman
3 Imaginary Lines
4 Love and Mercy
5 Something Desperate
6 One Angel
7 Kitchen Table Blues
8 Gorilla, You're A Desperado