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Celebrating the joys and struggles of the music business since 1995, Slothtrop Records started with some Midwestern bands, a little elbow grease, and a thermal fax machine. We've now expanded to include artists from around the U.S. (sorry Canada, maybe next year!)

Slothtrop has some diverse taste, alright. Loud rock and pensive acoustic music sit side-by-side on the roster, which has grown to 15 artists as of late 2007. The "Slothtrop Galaxy of Artists" share one thing - a sense of adventure that doesn't lose the ever-crucial tune along the way.

As a boutique label Slothtrop can offer its select group of artists individual attention, not just some standard marketing plan. With a label run by musicians you get a unique prospective, original ideas and great music.

With a series of charity records out to the public, Slothtrop also believes in giving back to the greater community, a trait that will continue as the company continues to thrive.

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