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Navigating the world of publishing can be tricky on your own - let Slothtrop Publishing be your captain of these waters (and then we'll stop with the weird analogies, OK?)

The folks at Slothtrop can explain the ins-and-outs of the publishing world, and guide you on how to get paid for your songwriting. Slothtrop Publishing also can place your songs with licensing deals that make sense for your art.

Do you want to hear your music in a blockbuster Hollywood flick, or maybe a cool indie art house film? How about a popular TV show. Well heck, so do we! We placed quite a few tunes with quite a few music supervisors. Maybe you can be next!

Think you have a song that would be perfect for the radio if only such and such artist would record it? Getting your music into the right hands is easier then you think, and the folks at Slothtrop Publishing are some of the best song pluggers in the business (or biz, if you prefer).

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