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Hey it's true - sometimes a great artist just needs a push (or even a shove) in the right direction to be noticed by more than just his or her pals. That's where Slothtrop Management can help out.

Slothtrop has a full-service management agency that will work with the artist to shape career decisions and plans to full fruition. The management team can put together the many pieces of an artist's music business puzzle in order to reach the most, or the best, audience for an artist wanting to make music a career.

Because we're a smaller firm we can guarantee individual attention and personal service so your project always gets custom treatment. With all our agents working so closely together we sometimes find what's not a good fit for one artist is perfect for another. It's all about getting you the exposure and career you deserve.

With decades of experience in the wild and woolly trenches of music, Slothtrop Management can use tried and tested methods to help you get heard.

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