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Laurel Canyon

SoCal Soul

Veterans? That doesn’t even begin to cover it. With nearly a century of combined experience Eric Hester, Mark Walker, Bob Boyd, and Dan Kennedy have performed, written, produced, and recorded just about every kind of music in just about every environment imaginable all across the country. Under countless banners of dimly remembered band names the one constant, the common thread which pulls them now together, is the love of a great song.

Joining forces as Laurel Canyon their collective goal is to carry on the tradition of the great American songwriters, journeymen fabricating true stories out of wood and steel, fiction, fable, and thin air. This band has one foot firmly planted in the sonic sheen of SoCal 70’s singer-songwriter scene, but exchanges nods of recognition with rust-belt pop and Midwest folk, and even glances at early Southwest punk if you watch carefully.

Seeing Laurel Canyon live you quickly notice that everyone takes the lead, everyone sits in the back seat, everyone is in the spotlight glow, everyone is the “side guy” in the shadows. This is the work not just of the artist, but of the artisan, truing the edges, knowing when to leave them ragged, all for the love of a great song- this is Laurel Canyon.

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