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Perrin Crane

Lo-Fi Art Rock's not a word you hear that often. In a world where musicians strive to be different but continue to sound so much alike it's a word that barely registers. We expect musicians to be eccentric, flamboyant, even grandiose long before they are exceptional, because being exceptional is of course uncommon. Perrin Crane is uncommon in a most exceptional way. A songwriter of deceptive skill, his natural melodies and diminutive production bring a crisp breath of air to the overcrowded stage of Dave Matthews wannabes and Jack Johnson parodies. How many other songwriters list Carol King along side Kurt Cobain as major influences? Uncommonly few.

Perrin recently released his debut CD for Slothtrop Records “A Big Long Look”, it's a low-fi wonderland where “East Coast Girl” Alice chases her string of consciousness all the way down the rabbit hole to a murky “December”. Almost every note on everyone of these tracks was played by Crane, no high paid studio musicians or overbearing executive producers twisting every note. Just a songwriters love of the craft and a musicians artistic vision. It sounds effortless. Curiouser and curiouser.

It didn't all come easy. While he started playing guitar at a very young age his musical dreams were put on hold. After graduating from Northern California's Castro Valley High School, and succumbing to a romantic wanderlust he wasted five years of his life managing several Ruby Tuesday stores on the Mid Atlantic shore. But the 60 hour work weeks eventually took their toll on him. He returned to his misplaced California, reacquainting himself with his home town, and to doing what he loved, playing music. His specialty was coffee shops and standing ovations. His music certainly reflects his colorful past.

We're pleased that Perrin has decided to make a home here at Slothtrop Music. We can't wait for you to hear his first CD A Big Long Look. We think it's everything we've said it is, because only a label like SLothtrop could find an artist this uncommonly good!

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