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Breaking Up Dates

Kick Ass Rock

So you say you want some kick ass rock-n-roll? Well look no further, Breaking Up Dates will be happy to open up a fifty-five gallon drum of sparkling whoop ass and pass it around at their next show. This Albuquerque, NM quartet is turning heads and volume knobs all around the country; quickly making them one of the Sun Belts fastest growing and highest drawing bands.

While the New Mexico sunshine might not show in their music, the desert grit and sand of the southwest really comes across in their sound. Mixing a dangerous cocktail of politics, religion, and adding a splash of emotional bankruptcy, Breaking Up Dates' songs meet life head on. Recorded in Madison, WI at indie record mecca Coney Island Studios, their new EP "Standing in Line" shows the amazing range of this group. From the political farce of "A District @ 2am" to the hopelessness of a failed relationship in "Last of February", Breaking Up Dates write music with wit, intellect, and passion.

Although new to the national music scene, the members of Breaking Up Dates are hardly strangers to the world of Music and Radio. Signed to his first record deal at 16, lead singer Josh Hester continues his family's rich musical tradition which extends all the way back to his grandfather, a successful gospel musician. Guitarist Ricky Sanchez brings an impressive array of licks and tricks culled from a musical background that started at age 12. Multi-Instrumentalist Jonny Heffern shows that his prowess with drumsticks is every bit the equal to his talent on guitar. Bryan Boris skillfully handles the bottom end of the band, wielding his Rickenbocker bass like a double edge sword.

This just in...with the release of their new EP "Standing in Line" Breaking Up Dates are ready to step out into a larger spotlight. Don't be a dumbass; check them out today!

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