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Albert performs orginal music in an orginal manner. Composed of four foster brothers all adopted by the same family in September of 1974, these boys take sibling rivalry to new heights. All four have honed their chops in any number of groups across the US underground scene. From the in your face antics of Hardass to the smooth mellow tones of The Dead End Kids, Albert has literally done it all. They are so captavating as a group that now dead music critic Lester Bangs once said,"...imitators of the prime moving geniuses.......more valid then most...!"

Albert is one of the most interesting bands in rock history, mostly because the brothers Albert themselves are so interesting. Lead Singer and electric triangle player AB (Al Brooks) Albert has not been able to speak except when on stage after his much publicied kidnapping at the hands of an Amnesty International splinter cell in late 94. After his daring rescue by a local Brownie troop, AB began his long journey of silent guitar exploration, finding solice only in the headlights of the American music community. By contrast Bass player PM (Prince Marv) Albert is a gregarious whirlwind. A foppishly good looking bloke, PM spends most of time in quiet contemplation of the river Thames. After being gored by a Bull at a Spainish discotique, PM's startling falsetto became the backbone of the Albert sound. What can one say about lead guitarist Phat Albert? Not much, apparently. Drummer Alberticus Albert was named after the famous accoutant in the John Steinbeck classic "To Bill a Mockingbird" Alberticus Finch. Having spent years as the principal drummer for the Ravi Schankar Experiment, Alberticus is glad to have finally found a home with his brothers as percusionist and sometime tiki torch lighter.

Albert has recently completed their first full length CD simply entitled Albert. God does it kick ass. Serious Serious ass. Unless you are a complete fucking moron you will go buy a copy right now. Booking agents will get a free cd, and an honest to goodness old fashioned ass whooping if they don't book these guys TODAY!

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