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Sure, Mr. or Ms. Renegade Artist, you don't want to be managed and such. Fine, that can be a good thing. But, if you need help or advice, think of Slothtrop.

With experience and education in all aspects of the music business - from songwriting to marketing - Slothtrop consultants can offer counsel on both the art and the commerce that goes into the music world.

We can help explain the ins and outs of the record business (What is a PRO, and which one is right for me?), help you set up your own publishing or record company (hey, we did it . . . why not you?), or maybe coming up with a touring and promotional plan that makes you money (and makes sense).

There are literally hundreds of books on the music industry, all giving pretty much the same advice. That's fine - it's pretty good advice, but maybe you need more then a reference book and a DSL connection. We can answer your specific question or, at the very least, point you in the right direction (wow that rhymes - even more talent at Slothtrop HQ!) And, it's all at a price that will probably surprise you (pleasantly of course).

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