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Woodshed - Single

Jeff German & The Blankety Blanks

5 guys, 96 beers, half a dozen vintage microphones, and a little bit of reverb = BLISS! At least that seems to be the recipe for Jeff German's first single "Woodshed" from his upcoming sophomore release "...twelve packs, eight tracks and black and white TV," on Slothtrop Records. This five song maxi single features Jeff German and the revolving cast of studio musicians he dubs The Blankety Blanks turning it on, turning it up and yes, turning it loose. With outstanding tracks like "Black & Blue" and a surprisingly authentic version of the Paul Westerberg classic "Achin' To Be". German and his compatriots might not be aiming to be "Big Star" but if this preview is any indication they'll be stars soon enough.

Produced by Jeff German with Gabriel O’Brien
Engineered and mixed by Gabriel O’Brien @ Upperhand Studios
Recorded at the Woodshed
Released in April of 2015
Release Number - 8675-460
UPC - 825576321621

Jeff German: Acoustic and Lead Guitar, vocals
Graig Barnett: Guitar
Mike Nelson: Drums, Cowbell
Bradley Williams: Bass
Matt Wilson: Pedal Steel
Tim McLaughlin: Piano & B3
Todd May: Background vocals
Gabe O'Brien: Hand Percussion, Background Vocals

1. Woodshed-Single Version
2. Black and Blue
3. Achin' To Be
4. Back To You (Basement Demo)
5. Don't Know Why (GV Demo)