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Paper Boats

Anna Vogelzang

Sometimes it’s better to get a handmade gift instead of just another assembly-line product from the big-box store. Sure, it’s not perfect, but there’s something honest about work that’s so from the heart. It’s a quirky yet charming work which continues Anna’s DIY tradition with boisterous group vocals, interesting instrumentation (there’s plenty of banjo!) and lyrics handmade from the heart.

Produced by Anna Vogelzang
Engineered & Mixed by Djim Reynolds
Recorded at the Electric Cave in Portsmouth NH
Released in April of 2010
Release Number - 8675-350
UPC - 825576058824

Anna Vogelzang: vocals, banjo, guitar, baritone ukulele, glockenspiel, rhodes, piano, toy piano, kickdrum, percussion, handclaps
Guy Capecelatro III: baritone guitar, vocals, mbira, handclaps, toy piano, percussion, broom
Emily Hope Price: cello, vocals, handclaps
Djim Reynolds: snare drum, vocals, handclaps
Joseph Arnold: violin
Marc McElroy: upright bass & hammond organ
Rachel Vogelzang: vocals & percussion
The Rhapsody-Trinity Children's Choir: group vocals
String Arrangement for Lustrum (Postcard) by Katherine Pukinskis

1 Tiny Monsters
2 Marry Me
3 Our Humble Tipping Points
4 Storm Shelter
5 California
6 Toy Boats
7 Song of Praise
8 Lustrum (Postcard)
9 Landlocked (Dirge)
10 Guilt
11 Will