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Noting's Gonna Stop Me - Single

Marty Finkel

Jaw dropping meoldies from the middle coast of America. Marty Finkel is back with an advance single from his first new release in two years. Two parts Nick Lowe and one part ELO, Nothing's Gonna Stop Me is a sneak peak at what is certain to be Mr. Finkel's bigest release yet – no new wave dance craze just straight up midwestern rock–n-roll. Featuring three exclusive tracks and a limited edition signed and numbered release, get yours before they're gone, baby, gone.

Produced by Marty Finkel & Eric Hester
Engineered and mixed by Eric Hester
Recorded at the Big Red Shed
Released in July of 2017
Release Number - 8675-530
UPC - 825576441022

Marty Finkel: Guitar, Vocals
Michael Brenneis: Drums
Eric Hester: Guitar
Dan Kennedy: Bass & Guitar

1. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
2. Morning Light
3. Can't Get it Out Of My Head
4. Camille (Basement Demo)