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Might Be Found

Marty Finkel

Marty Finkel is the closest thing to a lifelong singer-songwriter you can find. From ditties composed as a toddler to teenaged guitar songs he composed before he knew any chords, Finkel has never been far from a song. After self-releasing three full-length records, one EP (and one record as side project Spinning Swords), Finkel makes his label debut with Slothrop Records. On Might Be Found, Finkel's songs glimmer with a unique optimism that shines in his songcraft and delivery, showcasing not only the breadth of Finkel's talent, but also his growth as a songwriter.

Produced by Marty Finkel and Adam Pike
Recorded by Adam Pike at Toadhouse Recording, Portland, OR
Except drums, bass, "Lost Without You" and some overdubs recorded by Bill Maynard at Paradyme Productions, Madison, WI
Mixed and Mastered by Mark Whitcomb
Released in March of 2013
Release Number - 8675-425
UPC - 825576214527

Marty Finkel- Guitars, Vocals, Piano/Keyboards, Banjo, Percussion
Travis Drumm- Drums
Nate Wiswall- Bass
Carrie Turrell- Violin
Chris Kelsey- Viola
Josh Robertson- Trumpet
Rose Valby- French Horn
Shane Quella- Percussion
Adam Pike- Percussion

Track List
1. You Left Me First
2. Don't Do Me Like That
3. Benjamin
4. Lost Without You
5. Don't Go Away
6. Hey There Little Darling
7. Nothing That I Wouldn't Do For You
8. Afriad To Die
9. Road To Nowhere
10. Waiting For Him
11. Nobody Needs Your Love