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Golden Age

Marty Finkel

Singer-songwriter Marty Finkel has an alter ego, and his name is Marty Finkel. Chock-full of pensive Americana, Finkel’s top-notch songwriting is always front and center on his records. But there’s another Marty Finkel, and somewhere in America, he’s taking the stage with a roar. His songs may have been written by the first Marty Finkel, but the live performance is much more unleashed. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, feeding off the synergy of the band, screaming himself hoarse, this Marty Finkel is a power pop tour de force. Fortunately, sometimes spacetime allows for the two Marty Finkels to meet, which happens on Finkel’s new release, Golden Age.

Produced by Eric Hester with Marty Finkel
Engineered and mixed by Eric Hester
Recorded at Big Red
Released in September of 2017
Release Number - 8675-505
UPC - 825576450024

Marty Finkel: Guitar, Vocals
Travis Drumm: Drums
Nate Wiswall: Bass
Jim Lincoln: keyboards
Michael Brenneis: Drums
Eric Hester: Guitar
Dan Kennedy: Bass & Guitar

1. Wild
2. How I'd Miss You
3. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
4. Walkin' Out That Door
5. It's Been A Long Time
6. Independence Day
7. A Little Closer
8. Camille