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Glitter Baby

Sexy Ester

Glitter Baby is the advance single from Sexy Ester's upcoming release “Sequins, Sin, & Appetite” on Slothtrop Records. The 5 piece combo's music continues to grow as they explore the depths of musical culture this time trading the streets of their beloved Shermer, Illinois for the never ending night of Sweden, delving into musical waters few bands are willing to plumb. No not Death Metal, the musical explorations started by such innovators as ABBA, Roxette, and Ace of Base (and maybe a little Mayhem thrown in) us, it's AWESOME!

Produced by Sexy Ester
Recording Engineer - Paul Schluter
Recorded at Megatone Studios
Mixing Engineer - Alex Bergdahl
Released in June of 2011
Release Number - 8675-395
UPC - 825576117125

Lyndsay Evans - Vocals
Adam Eder - Guitar
Dusty Hay - Drums
Brad Schubert - Bass
Roscoe Evans - Keyboards
Paul Kennedy - Percussion
Cody Davis - Upright Bass

1 Glitter Baby
2 Mr. Moon
3 Spotlight (Basement Demo)