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Fallin' Thru

The Please Please Me

With the right amount of resilience, taking a fall can be an awful lot like taking a leap of faith. So says Jessie Torrisi of the Please Please Me, whose new EP Fallin’ Thru, celebrates the beauty of surrender. The songs chronicle being on the precipice of love and wanting to fall while knowing that fractures and hard breaks could await. Through out Fallin’ Thru, Torrisi combines infectious pop melodies with moody electronica, crystallizing the exhilaration and fear that accompany a fall. Torrisi is telling us falling in love is playing with fire, and reminds us that fire can also keep us warm.

Produced by Jeff Zeigler
Mixed by Josh Bowman
Recorded at Uniform Recording
Released in October of 2017
Release Number - 8675-540
UPC - 825576450123

Jessie Torrisi – vocals, guitars, piano, synth, drum loops
Jimi Fish – backup vocals
Josh Meakim – synths & electric guitar
Dylan Mulcahy – drums
Jeff Zeigler – bass, synths, drum programming

1. Keep On Falling
2. Hold My Heart
3. Dirty
4. On My Mind
5. Start a Fire

All songs words & music by Jessie Torrisi, ASCAP
Except Dirty, words & music by Jessie Torrisi, ASCAP & Corinne McKnight, Over The Well Music, BMI
And Fallin’ Thru, words & music by Jessie Torrisi, ASCAP & Marty Finkel, Allamy Park Songs, ASCAP

Thx 2 everyone who’s let us into their hearts & homes & gave us the fuel to keep making magic.