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Commit To The Bit

Dan Kennedy

Commit To The Bit by long-time Madison side man Dan Kennedy, takes the meaning of “solo effort” to a whole new level. In addition to writing, performing, recording,, and mixing all of the tracks, he actually built the bass and guitar used for most of the tracking. This sophisticated blues/pop sound is a bit of a departure for Kennedy and seems to take place in an alternate universe where Steely Dan was started by Robert Cray, Lyle Lovett, and Billy Gibbons instead of Donald Fagen, Walter Becker, and Denny Diaz.

Produced by Dan Kennedy
Recording Engineer - Dan Kennedy
Recorded at McStudios
Mixing Engineer - Dan Kennedy
Released in June of 2011
Release Number - 8675-390
UPC - 825576114520

Dan Kennedy - Vocals
Slow Ride - Guitar
The Machine - Drums
Downtown - Bass
Matrix - Keyboards
Alternating Currant - Background Vocals

1 Hip To You
2 Almost Beverly
3 Don't Even Worry
4 Let's Be Good
5 Already Lost My Heart