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It's Alright Now

Marty Finkel

If you found a wormhole linking Elliott Smith's Pacific Northwest, NRBQ's Austin Tx, and Rufus Wainwright's New York City but could only access it from just across the Illinois state line. You'd probably find Marty Finkel's new CD "It's Alright Now" at the nearest record store. While that may seem like a lot for record to live up to, trust us it just works. Recorded to reflect the real sound of a real songwriter and his band , we're proud to present Marty's new record, warts and all. Genuine rock-n-roll from the genuine article. "It's Alright Now", in fact it's a blast.

Produced by Marty Finkel
Recorded by T.J. Pauley at Dacha Studios, Madison, WI
Additional Recording at Left Behind Poodle Studios, Madison, WI
Mixed by Drew Christ
Released in October of 2013
Release Number - 8675-445
UPC - 825576243220

Marty Finkel- Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Mandolin, Accordion
Travis Drumm- Drums and Percussion
Nate Wiswall- Upright and Electric Bass
Amanda Rigell- Backing Vocals
Dan Kennedy - Backing Vocals

Track List
1. New Reason For Living
2. Hold Me
3. You're Never Coming Home
4. Mouth So Loud
5. Don't Need Me Anymore
6. Run, Run, Run