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Allergic to Everything

Mister Vague

With 10 songs ranging from minimalist pop tunes to epic guitar assaults, "Allergic To Everything" reflects a couple years in the writing life of Mister Vague singer and guitarist Mark Earnest. Featuring longtime Vague cohort Neal Kramer on guitar and new rhythm section Jason Thomas on drums and Marcus Mayhall on bass, "Allergic" reflects a time of tumult for the group, as filtered through Earnest's surrealistic lyrical lens.

Produced by Alan Sparhawk & Eric Swanson
Recorded at Sacred Heart Studios, in Duluth, MN
Mastered by Happy Go Fun Time
Engineered by Eric Swanson
Released in October of 2007
Release Number - 8675-331
UPC - 616892935223

Mark Earnest - Lead Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars
Neal Kramer - Backing Vocals, Guitars
Jason Thomas - Drums
Marcus Mayhall - Bass
All CD Artwork by Brian Stoudt

1 Ill Wind
2 Jaded, Broke, & Wasted
3 Miss Atom Bomb
4 Cut & Run
5 Midnight to Seven
6 Out Patient
7 Speaking Through Machines
8 White Knuckle Grip
9 Allergic to Reno
10 You Don't Need it at All