New Releases and some changes!

Wanted to let you know about a couple of new releases we have available. First up the debut single on Slothtrop Records from Chicago based Paper Arrows, “Love Goes On” a brilliant piece of songwriting which we hope you’ll be hearing in lots of your favorite TV shows soon! (the other two songs on the single aren’t too shabby either).

Next we’ve got the first in a new series of CD’s from Slothtrop Records entitled “5 Dollar Cover” which appropriately enough features songwriters doing 5 songs that inspired them in their formative years. First up is Eric Hester with his first release of new material (even if they are covers) in over 10 years.

Finally the blog section of this website was initially convinced as a way to inform you about all the goings on at Slothtrop Music, not just the releases on Slothtrop Records (we’ve got a management, publishing, and consulting department too!). To get back to our original vision, we will begin posting a series of essays regarding music business topics, things we find helpful, or annoying. We imagine they are going to be pretty unpopular with a lot of folks, as they are designed to help the artist and provide realistic views and expectations about the music industry in general. So be warned………

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