In a band? Drop Facebook – get a website!

Interesting article over at boing-boing to day regarding how Facebook limits showing Business posts to about 6 percent of your followers unless you pay for advertising. Be sure to let us know what you thought about it at

If you are a musician there’s a good chance your Facebook page is categorized as a business, then it’s not getting to most of your fans/followers – the article continues to helpfully point out “..if you have a real website, all your readers see your posts, even if you don’t pay Facebook!”. While Facebook, Revernation, Sonicbids and the mountain of other sites can be effective tools to help you get the message out about your band – remember, even if it’s all free now there is no guarantee it will be in the future. Remaining in control of your digital promotion and marketing is key to your success and a good functional and easily navigated website is still one of your best options. You can read the entire article here.

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