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Friday, November 19th, 2010

Madison, WI November 19, 2010 – Slothtrop Music is pleased to announce
the debut national release from Madison Wisconsin’s very own Sexy Ester
& The Pretty Mama Sisters “Hubba Bubba.” While the CD is already
receiving radio airplay across the country, and their live performances
are sending shock-waves throughout the region.

“It’s easy to sign a band as talented as Sexy Ester,” says Slothtrop
Music owner Eric Hester, “with all the national and regional attention
they have been receiving we feel lucky to have them. The fact that there
new CD is awesome doesn’t hurt either!”

Laden with intense riffs and Holly-Go-Lightly euphemisms, “Hubba Bubba”
is what great music is all about – FUN! Starting off with the melt in
your mouth deliciousness of “Love Bubble” to the poignant promises of
“Tell Me You Do,” this EP is a wonderful trip back in time to when music
sounded fresh and the producer wasn’t in control. This music is in your
face, fabulous, and fully realized.

Fronted by honey voiced Lyndsay Evans, who controls the stage like the
divas of old ( I’m talking Aretha not X-Tina ) and ably backed by Adam
Edar on guitar, Dusty Hay on drums, Brad Schubert on bass, and Roscoe
Evans on keyboards, Sexy Ester is no flash in the pan. They’ve already
payed a lot of dues slugging it out in the smaller clubs and dives all
over the Midwest. With “Hubba Bubba” fast becoming a staple of college
radio the venues are getting bigger and bigger – with a major tour
planned for the summer of 2011 – Sexy Ester & The Pretty Mama Sisters
are certainly going to have folks talking for a while.