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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Madison, WI, October 13, 2009- Slothtrop Music is pleased to present the initial full length national release from Utah based Alternative Jam band The Gorgeous Hussies. “Sweet Surrealistic Queen” is a trip through a musical landscape of melting clocks and dancing eardrums. Already receiving airplay on 150+ radio stations across the US and Canada, this self produced 10 song collection is sure to make converts of even the most jaded music fans.

“All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name,” says Andre Brenton. Perhaps this CD is what he was waiting for!

In a music-scene full of angst and over-production, The Gorgeous Hussies’ Sweet Surrealistic Queen is an atypical take on alternative jam rock is both refreshing and infectious as they weave off-the-wall riffs, catchy melodies and danceable beats. John Chatelain, Jordan Olsen, and Ryan Smith, who make up the trio, speak to their audience the best way they know how: solid, melodically focused rock tunes, inspired arrangements, down-to-earth lyrics and clever improvisation. Engineered by Smith and mixed by indie rock veteran Matt Winegar the CD is the Hussies’ most solid and polished work to date.

”We couldn’t be happier to finally release this record,” said Jordan Olsen, guitarist for The Gorgeous Hussies. “We started recording this new CD nearly two years ago and we’re pumped to have Slothtrop Music help get it out to the masses.

”Gorgeous Hussies” is possibly the most inaccurate way to describe the members of the Utah based band The Gorgeous Hussies; this group of (nearly all) married and burly-bearded musicians has been touring throughout the west for the past three-years. In May 2009 the band signed with Slothtrop Music through their new Sonicbids submission system. This system allows Slothtrop to find bands interested in being on their roster with a Sonicbids electronic press kit (EPK).

Please contact us for more information on Slothtrop Music, or to receive a physical copy of Sweet Surrealistic Queen for copy or review.