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Slothtrop Music was founded in 1995 to promote and nurture independent musicians. By all accounts we've succeeded. Since then we've expanded to four divisions (Records, Publishing, Management & Consulting) and helped hundreds of artists while at the same time putting out some pretty great music. Take a look around, we're sure you'll find something you'll love!

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The Please Please Me – Fallin' Thru

With the right amount of resilience, taking a fall can be an awful lot like taking a leap of faith. So says Jessie Torrisi of the Please Please Me, whose new EP Fallin’ Thru, celebrates the beauty of surrender. The songs chronicle being on the precipice of love and wanting to fall while knowing that fractures and hard breaks could await. Through out Fallin’ Thru, Torrisi combines infectious pop melodies with moody electronica, crystallizing the exhilaration and fear that accompany a fall. Torrisi is telling us falling in love is playing with fire, and reminds us that fire can also keep us warm.

Marty Finkel – Golden Age

Singer-songwriter Marty Finkel has an alter ego, and his name is Marty Finkel. Chock-full of pensive Americana, Finkel’s top-notch songwriting is always front and center. But there’s another Marty Finkel, and somewhere in America, he’s taking the stage with a roar. His songs may have been written by the first Marty Finkel, but the live performance is much more unleashed. Feeding off the energy of the crowd, feeding off the synergy of the band, screaming himself hoarse, this Marty Finkel is a power pop tour de force. Fortunately, sometimes spacetime allows for the two Marty Finkels to meet, which happens on Finkel’s new release, Golden Age.

Mike June – Election Day

Many songwriters are busily chronicling current events and political strife in the world. Many songs point fingers to politicians and others in power, but singer-songwriter Mike June has his camera fully focused on us. On all of us people making the most of our human lives with human feelings even as the world stage does its best to fill us with angst. Election Day, June’s new EP, focuses both on the ongoing anxieties of our times and on ways of finding solace in others.